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One question for everyone here


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When will this goddamned mightmare end?!!!!!!!

We used to be good. 8-9 wins 3 out of every 4 years. Teams actually had to play well against us in Laramie to beat us.

I miss the Roach and Tiller years when we feared.

Now...we're a goddamned joke!!!! It's embarrassing talking to my friends who root for Oklahoma or Oklahoma State or Hawaii about my team. And Hawaii has a glorified high school coach making $1.2 million dollars a year!

Have we hit rock bottom and we're staying there forever like a New Mexico State for the MWC?

This is pathetic!!!!!! :tickedoff: :tickedoff: :tickedoff: :tickedoff:
Step away from the cliff, Okie. Realize we just played a team that will probably play for a BCS Championship this year, and the team who played for it last year. You worry too much about talking to people.. I ain't embarrassed about talking about my team who plays the highest level of competition to start a season.. esp filled with freshman and sophomores. No team in college football has played a tougher schedule that Wyoming, and when the season is finished, a handful of teams will have a better SOS than UW. Again, a team filled with guys still w/ training wheels.

Rock bottom was 10 years ago.. do I need to remind you of 10 years ago? We were getting housed by everyone.. Furman almost beat us. Hell, NDSU almost beat us, plus we lost to Bowling Green two years ago.

Plus, as long as the sheep keep losing, we'll never be at the bottom. We can start to panic and go racing up to the edge of the cliff when UNM beats us.. until then, I think we'll be okay. The Roach and Tiller years were dandy.. but this isn't 1987.. nothing lasts forever.

Keep the faith, brotha.
Tiller wasn't that great either. One 8 win season and his last year's 10 wins. Everything else was 6 wins or less. And if you think those were better years. Remember these scores? 92 Lost to Utah 38-7. 93 K-ST bowl lost 52-17. 94 lost to Utah 41-7. 95 Lost to AFA 34-10, 95 lost to Tulsa 35-6.
Roach had some bad games too, need I remind you of the Ok St fiasco in the Holiday bowl or even Houston in 88. And neither of those teams were ranked in the top 10.
There will always be down games.

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