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ny times reports that...


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Tcu is joining the big east in all sports. Exact year of the move is still to be determined.

If this comes to be true I say we never add another texas school again. They don't really fit in the true mwc foot print anyways. I know there good for recruiting, but in reality they don't fit.

I was just gonna say it was ny daily news not the times opps my bad.

Thanks for adding the link titleist.
Sucks to be a Wyoming fan, once again. Small market, low revenue, 10+ years of football mediocrity & poorly run athletics department (except for Barta & staff), damn.
TCU has shown themselves as a super loyal school in the last several years havent they?
IMO they were afraid of BSU. After Dalton is gone they will struggle :thumb:
I actually am a big fan of TCU and what they have accomplished. What I think a lot of these schools are doing, although I can't blame them for going to BCS conferences, may not pan out. Right now these schools bailing are big fish in a small pond. The way Utah is playing right now they will be lucky to finish .500 next year. Sure you are in a BCS conference, but you are still going to a cellar dweller bowl against MWC teams next year. Utah will end up in Vegas bowl next year.

BYU will finish 7-5 next year and end up in some schmuck bowl vs the MAC #3 or some crap.

Utah will finish 6-6 and end up in Vegas vs Boise State.

Sure TCU has to play in Laramie, Provo, SLC, and Colorado, but traveling to the Big East every other week will take its toll. Weather, distance, etc. They are a weak conf, but I still don't see TCU blowing through their schedule like they do now.

It used to be TCU/Utah/BYU and everyone else. The gap was not as relevant this year. You had TCU and everyone else.

I wish TCU the best and would miss them in this conference more than I will miss Utah. With that being said, be careful what you wish for...basketball will be the sacrificial goat every game in the Big East.

Football is:
West Virginia

I still don't think they can sweep those teams. As good as they are, I can't see it happening.

As for basketball-
Notre Dame
West Virginia
St Johns
Seton Hall

Brutal. Lucky to win single digit games year after year.
More articles on TCUs move:
Makes every team in the MWC (including Wyoming) a legit conference championship contender for 2012 (mayble earlier if Kellen Moore leaves early).
marcuswyo wrote:
Makes every team in the MWC (including Wyoming) a legit conference championship contender for 2012 (mayble earlier if Kellen Moore leaves early).

The WAC is dead. And the MWC just became the new WAC.

looks that way, what is going to happen to the rest of the wac (i.e. u state & idaho)?
I'd be for utah state and nmsu to join the mwc. Idaho and san jose state no! That would give us 12 western programs. Add gonzaga for non-football sports. It could work. 12 teams means a conference title game back in vegas.

Think about it:
Mwc east-
Wyo, csu, af, nmex, nmsu, boise
Mwc west-
Sdsu, fresno, hawaii, usu, unlv, nevada.

It would be divided up pretty fairly. And ganzaga takes the hawaii spot in everything after football.

I believe this works!
Idaho > NMSU

Why would Gonzaga want to be in the MWC? They already have a conference that offers them good basketball (where they make their money), plus it offers all of their non-sports. Plus, Gonzaga is pretty far out of the MWC foot print. And no natural rivalries.
Gonzaga and boise aren't that far apart. Western idaho and eastern washington.


We aren't gonna be a bcs league so mite as well get hoops programs. Idaho blows in just about everything.
MrTitleist said:
And someone find Wyokie! He may have flung himself off of a really tall building upon hearing this.

I'm still alive. Pissed but still alive.

NOW what?

Add Montana, Utah State, Hawaii (football) and UDenver (for everything else)?

BTW, Texans are NOT about loyalty!!!! Case in point...TCU as of now and Texas who holds the entire Big 12 by the NUTS!!!!

I think TCU will be back in the MWC when the ACC raids the Big East....again!

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