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New to the Board


Hi all. I am relatively new to being a Cowboy fan. I started following Wyoming about three years ago when the son of one of my best friends committed to play there. I was luke warm towards the program until this past off season. I believe that the Cowboys got a hell of a steal in hiring Dave Christiensen. I live in Missouri so I am very familiar with his offense. I truly believe that ACS will be a great QB in this system and make Wyoming a force in the MWC sooner rather than later.

I look forward to learning much more about the Cowboys and seeing them become a great team for years to come.
Hey! Welcome to WyoNation. Who is your friend's son? Do you attend any games?

I think you will find WyoNation friendly, and quite informative. Cheers!
Nick Williams. He was recruited out of Colorado and red shirted last year. He was medically DQed this year due to a foot injury. I will not make many home games but am planning on making a couple of Vegas trips in the next few years. Although Nick won't be playing I have made Wyoming my 2nd favorite team behind Missouri and have been following them very closely. With DC at the helm and two really good young coordinators I see a great future.

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