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new dl recruit and long snapper


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Miraldo Michel Juco dl 265 lbs about the same size as mertens and purcell, but plays DE at Juco. Zach Ewan out of somewhere in Arizona is the long snapper (apparently is ranked as the number 1 long snapper in the country).
gopokes1399 said:
they signed?

JUCO signing day isn't until February and HS recruits can't sign until March. These are just verbals as will be any recruiting news up until next spring.
National Signing Day is like Feb. 3rd (+-), but juco and early graduates can go to school in the spring semester.
Heres a bio/write up on from the scout site Ewan the ls.

Top long snapping prospect in the country by Chris Rubio.

Zach is a very fundamentally sound long snapper with very good spin. Good, strong body. Continues to improve. Really close to being fantastic. Needs to focus on his hands coming all the way through, all the time. Solid accuracy and speed. Zach did very well in Las Vegas for the Spring Event. Broke the Vegas and HS record with 35! Shows good composure under pressure. Ball is very smooth and easy to catch. Nice speed with obvious great conistency. Zach is very fundamentally sound. Really might be one of the most accurate long snappers in the country. Built like a rock. Can't wait for him to really let the ball go and use all of his strength. Good, solid blocker. Runs well. Very good long snapper. VERY strong long snapper that simply never misses. Ball is at college speed right now. Blocks well. Intense long snapper that is a very solid pick for any college. Pound for pound possibly the best snapper in the class

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