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My opinion of the 4th scrimmage


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I went to the scrimmage today. This is the first I have seen of the team since the spring game, so bear in mind my comments are basically comparing this scrimmage to the spring game and last years offense.

First off I went in expecting a lot of bad things based on the last scrimmage reports but I was pleasantly suprised.

The scrimmage started off with some kickoffs. Most the kickoffs were all falling between the 5 yard line or the endzone. I recall only one going in the endzone, but I also recall only one not being to at least the 5 yard line. That was a pleasant suprise as it seemed last year that most of the kickoffs were dropping between the 10 and 15.

There was 15 minutes of offensive play split between Benjamin, Sween, and Carta-Samuels. The first play Benjamin threw about a 25-30 yard pass to a reciever on the sideline. He hit the reciever in stride and the reciever took it the rest of the way for a 75 yard td pass. The rest was some good some bad. My thoughts on each qb:

-Benjamin- no turnovers, 2 td passes, looked most mobile of the qbs, had accurate passes all scrimmage except at the end of the scrimmage in a 1:30 drill.

-Sween- had one interception, and I think 1 td pass, looked fairly mobile, had accurate passes as well all scrimmage but had the disadvantage of being with the 2nd or 3rd string recievers who dropped balls

-ACS- no turnovers, I think no td passes, looked faily mobile, good passes

I didn't follow ACS as closely because I still think he is more likely to be red-shirted and frankly hope he does. To me he looked even with Sween, so I hope Sween is the back-up and ACS is red-shirted unless injuries occur. Benjamin to me looked the best and should start. He had crisp passes and was the most mobile. Crum looks like he will only be calling plays from the sideline.

The receivers were both good and bad. To me the first string receivers looked good. There were 6 passes today that really stood out because they hit recievers hands and should have been caught, but were dropped. Of those 6, there was only 1 that was with the first team working with Benjamin. The other 5 were all with Sween which were either 2nd or 3rd string receivers. Those other 5 were also good passes by Sween but dropped. Overall there were still many more passes that were caught then dropped, including a couple that receivers caught while being hit. The recievers also did a good job of trying to get up field after making the catch, and the 1st stringers especially broke many tackles.

I went in expecting bad things out of the receivers but was impressed with the 1st stringers. I think we are strong there, but we are weak if they get injured or tired because it looks like the 2nd and 3rd string still have butter fingers. Still there were many more good passes caught then dropped.

Defense still overall seemed good. I didn't really analyze them as closely because I expect them to be the strength.

The rests of the scrimmage consisted of one short series with Crum, PATs, field goals, and then at the very end a series for each ACS and Benjamin that was a 1:30 drill. ACS moved the ball to the 10 and they kicked a field goal. Benjamin only moved the ball to about the 30 and they did not score. I believe all the PATs except for 1 were made, and they were made by a variety of kickers. The short range field goals were made. A couple were missed from the 30 yard line.

Overall, I am ready for the season. I think we will suprise a lot of people. This offense is night and day different from last years offense, and I think it will be much better, and give our defense much more rest.
MrTitleist said:
How was the kicking?
From what I understand, the kicking was pretty good overall. Kickoffs were inside the 5 for the most part. Both Scott and McCoy were 4 of 5 at field goals (the misses were around 40) and only Scott missed a pat (it hit the upright).

Haven't heard about the punting, but overall Christensen is pleased with the team at this point.

Bring on the season!!

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