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More information about the new Big Nigerian...

Cowboy Junky

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This guy sounds like a stud and we are still in the mix according to one source....

I wouldn't get our hopes up over this one. He seems like a long shot to me. A lot of conflicting reports as to what he narrowed it down to.
A lot of conflicting reports, ESPN still has Wyoming listed as one of his top choices (however they are always VERY late in the game). Also it seemed as though he may have been interested in Florida at one point, maybe Donovan is trying to help out his buddy Shyatt here and pushing a prospect that may be his 3rd post to Shyatt so that the kid could become a star for Wyoming?? Or he just doesn't want to have to play against him if he goes to Tennessee? Just a thought, but I could see someone respectable like Donovan helping Shyatt out when he can.
Ugo, who is an agent or something similar in Denver, may be involved also. However, since he's an agent that might be a little dicey with the NCAA.
saw this link per the gowygo board:


Looks like it's down to two and he'll either be a Tiger or a Cowboy by the end of the day.
Reports indicate he has chosen Wyoming: http://www.zagsblog.com/2011/04/20/bill-self-checks-in-on-daniels-traylor/#more-51040

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