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More Changes to the Main Page!


Staff member
WyoNation has just launched a new section of the website. If you look at the main menu you will see a new "Links" tab. If you follow the two links in the drop down menu you will see a category for MWC links and another category for Other Site Links. The MWC links contain links to the MWC and all of the teams inside of the MWC. These links should provide you with every bit of information you could possibly need to look at a team and their city. This includes Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as links to other fan sites, local papers, etc. Great piece of info for the sports fan.

The Other Links page contains links to all of the sites in the WyoNation network, as well as the FBS/FCS communities. Go ahead and check out the sites that support WyoNation and are affiliated with WyoNation. In an effort to cleanup the main homepage, this menu and submenus take the place of the links modules that were previously on the front page. Thoughts?
I revamped the MWC links page today, it looked a little funky and the links kind of ran together, so I changed it up a little bit to clean it up. I think it looks better. Thoughts?

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