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Moore projected as a Dolphin


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ESPN's Todd McShay projects Devin Moore to be the fifth pick in the seventh round, 214 overall, and selected by the Dolphins.

Can you post the part of the article regarding Moore for those of us who don't have Insider? Thanks!
It's not so much an article as a projected list of pick by pick of each round. I have cut and pasted most of the seventh round.

Round 7
Pick Team Player Position School
1. (210) Dallas Cowboys Terrance Knighton NT Temple
2. (211) St. Louis Rams Brandon Long DE Michigan State
3. (212) Kansas City Chiefs Chris Owens DB San Jose State
4. (213) Seattle Seahawks Ian Campbell DE Kansas State
5. (214) Miami Dolphins (from Cleveland) Devin Moore RB Wyoming
6. (215) Cincinnati Bengals Quan Cosby WR Texas
7. (216) Oakland Raiders A. Q. Shipley C Penn State
8. (217) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Jacksonville) Jose Valdez OT Arkansas
9. (218) Green Bay Packers Brandon Hughes CB Oregon State
10. (219) San Francisco 49ers Tom Brandstater QB Fresno State
11. (220) Buffalo Bills Andrew Means WR Indiana
12. (221) Minnesota Vikings (from Washington) Dan Gronkowski TE Maryland
13. (222) New Orleans Saints P.J. Hill RB Wisconsin
14. (223) Houston Texans Stephen Hodge OLB TCU
15. (224) San Diego Chargers Deangelo Smith CB Cincinnati
16. (225) Denver Broncos Travis Bright OG BYU
17. (226) Pittsburgh Steelers (from Tampa Bay) John Parker Wilson QB Alabama
18. (227) Dallas Cowboys Roger Allen OG Missouri Western
19. (228) New York Jets Cedric Dockery OG Texas
20. (229) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago) Moise Fokou OLB Maryland
21. (230) Philadelphia Eagles Henry Melton DE Texas
22. (231) Minnesota Vikings Clinton McDonald DT Memphis
23. (232) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Miami) Aaron Brown RB TCU
24. (233) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Baltimore) Morgan Trent CB Michigan
25. (234) New England Patriots Jared Bronson TE Central Washington
26. (235) Denver Broncos (from Atlanta) George Bussey OT Louisville
27. (236) Indianapolis Colts Edwin Williams OG Maryland
28. (237) Miami Dolphins (from Carolina) Domonique Johnson CB Jackson State
29. (238) New York Giants Chris Baker DE Hampton
30. (239) Tennessee Titans William Johnson DE Michigan
31. (240) Arizona Cardinals Darius Passmore WR Marshall
32. (241) Pittsburgh Steelers Javarris Williams RB Tennessee State
33. (242) Tennessee Titans (compensatory) Quinn Johnson FB LSU
34. (243) Washington Redskins (compensatory) Graham Harrell QB Texas Tech
35. (244) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory) Derek Walker DE Illinois
36. (245) Seattle Seahawks (compensatory) Brian Hartline WR Ohio State
37. (246) Chicago Bears (compensatory) Mortty Ivy OLB West Virginia
38. (247) Seattle Seahawks (compensatory) Jamarca Sanford S Mississippi
39. (248) Seattle Seahawks Ra'Shon Harris DT Oregon
40. (249) Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory) Antonio Appleby MLB Virginia
41. (250) Jacksonville Jaguars (compensatory) Robert Francois ILB Boston College
42. (251) Chicago Bears (compensatory) Phillip Hunt DE Houston
43. (252) Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory) Anthony Felder OLB Cal
44. (253) Jacksonville Jaguars (compensatory) Bruce Johnson CB Miami
45. (254) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory) C.J. Davis OG Pittsburgh
46. (255) Detroit Lions (compensatory) Marko Mitchell WR Nevada
47. (256) Kansas City Chiefs (compensatory) Lendy Holmes S Oklahoma
USA today has story from the WTE re: Devin doing gardening this weekend on thier college football page. Nice for him and us to get a mention. I posted a comment on the USA today site to try and show there is interest in WY football. I will be rooting for him where ever he goes.

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