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Men, I have booked a flight to Albequerque!


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The Pokes have won every game they are supposed to win (with the possible exception of CU but that doesn't bother me much since it was in Boulder). One or two breaks and we beat AFA. Four or Five breaks and we beat Utah. BYU was a disaster but I think the real Pokes are showing up to SDSU. DC will have this team disciplined and ready for business. I think we'll see a Poke go over hundred yards rushing Saturday night. We'll come back and get destroyed by TCU (lets face it, they are trying to make the NC game and won't be holding anything back) then travel to Fort Collins to humilliate the sheep and accept an invite to the New Mexico Bowl. Mark THIS post!
I think you're right Pirate...thought I must say I don't like this up and down emotional roller coaster the team seems to be on lately. We got way up for Texas and played lights out for a half, then got blanked at CU. We managed to stay even at UNLV and FAU, but there was no emotional investment in either of those games. We got way up for New Mexico and beat them pretty handily, then got blanked at AF. We got way up for Utah and played well for three quarters, then got blanked at BYU.

So, I'm thinking you're right. DC will get the team way up for SDSU, and we'll finally play a full four quarters. Then we'll probably get blanked at home against TCU. The good thing is that it sets us up well for a great emotional game in the Fart, which we should win. That makes us bowl eligible, and I would say a very successful first season for DC.

gopokes1399 said:
I will do my best Saturday at the Q to make it happen.
The game is friday night isnt it

He was referring to this weeks game at SDSU at Qualcomm stadium which is Saturday night. The border war at CSU is the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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