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Kory Orth and Adam Berry quit the team...

Cowboy Junky

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Donate Morgan is suspended indefinitely for violations of team rules. Good luck to those kids, but I think we're better off giving DC three more scholarships to fill then we are to have those guys taking up space on the bench. Orth could have contributed, but I would bet that DC gets someone in his place that will be better.
calpoke25 said:
Do their scholarships open up immediately or do we have to wait?

Have to wait a year to use them, technically. I don't know how that works out, calendar year or school year, or what...maybe the scholly's can be used for players in the Spring of 2011? Anyone know for sure?

As far as Orth & Berry...heard they walked OUT of practice the other day. And that they are contemplating dropping a level (to FCS) to play right away. Maybe Montana, Montana State, or Northern Colorado.

Best of luck to them wherever they end up.
Unless Barry wants to play LB, he won't be coming to MT.. QB position is pretty spoken for for the next 4-5 years. UNC could use him.
Montana has Selle, Roper, Kemp, and Zapata.. Zapata is a redshirt this year. MT State could really use a QB, got their QBs are awful. UNC could be needing a QB once Waggoner leaves.

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