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Kid from Green River


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There was a kid from Green River who was supposed to be walking on, but getting a full-ride education scholarship - but I don't see his name on the roster. He was a 3-star kid according to the recruiting services. Anyone know what the situation is?
The kid you are referring to is Andrew Meredith. The answer to your question may already be in your post. He has the CHANCE to walk-on to the team. He isn't a guaranteed member of the team yet. I imagine after he goes through fall practice, he will then be listed on the roster. At least I haven't heard anything else as far as him deciding not play football or anything of the sort. It will be very interesting to see how he develops over the years if he indeed makes the team.
Matt Sebade earned his roster spot by walking on in the spring. I'm sure once Andrew earns his spot in fall camp, he will also be listed on the roster.

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