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kickoff times


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Just wondering what time most of you like best for pokes games?? Personally living in south dakota I don't get to make a lot of games anymore, so I'm ok with the noon kickoff times like most tv home games are. I've been to the war at night too, and those are fun also. With the noon kickoffs (if you can't be there and go to the bars) you get to see other fans teams finish the 10am games, and people come in and watch the pokes before their 130pm games. Perfect time to get to meet other fans that one would not otherwise meet.
1:30 or 2:00 as well for me. Noon blows. And anything at night, outside of September, is a mistake.
Television dictates when the Pokes play. The .mtn seems to have noon, 4 and 8 time slots for the most part. I think anything in the noon-2 p.m. time frame is fine for me.
Early afternoon is fine, but I do think we should have 1 night game per season. I know a lot of people have to travel, but I've always liked the atmosphere at the night games. Something about playing in the dark brings out the fanaticism in people.

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