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Keys to the Game


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I'll just start out by saying I don't like this match up AT ALL for Wyoming. BYU's strengths play right into Wyoming's weaknesses and strategies. Luckily, this game is in Laramie.

1. Equalize the battle up front - This goes for offense and defense. The boys up front have to Cowboy Up for 60 minutes because BYU's players will be a lot bigger. Keep ACS upright, open holes, get pressure on Max Hall.

2. The skill players have to step up. If there's a play to be made, it HAS to be made - especially on third down. No falling a yard short of the first down, if it hits the hands, it has to be caught.

3. Take advantage of BYU mistakes on offense. Balls tipped need to be intercepted. Fumbles lost need to be recovered.

And since it's BYU, we'll have a No. 4 : The crowd must go crazy. You can tell the team (especially the defense) feeds off the crowd, and they will need to give maximum effort on every play.
1. Find a way to isolate some playmakers in space against BYU's D. Wyoming doesn't have the speed to give BYU fits like faster teams such as TCU do. But find some ways to create some space for our playmakers. BYU isn't a fast, lights-out D like Utah or AFA. They are prone to the big play.

1A. Score touchdowns. BYU will move the ball and score some points. Field Goals won't win the game. Finish drives. I do think Wyoming will be able to move the ball a lot better against BYU, but we need to score Touchdowns.

2. Red Zone Defense. The defense has given up a lot of yards through the air, but has been pretty good stopping people in the red zone. If we can hold a couple BYU drives to Field Goals instead of touchdowns we give ourselves a good chance.

3. As always, Turnovers.

4. Slow down Unga. If he can run the ball for 5 yards a pop it will be a long day.
Good posts...the single biggest thing that can kill UW...starts with #24. If he has a good pass defending game, will win be in it the whole time.
All in all need a great effort on both sides of the ball. Offense - gotta move the ball and get points. And it can be done. TCU, and Florida State put up big numbers, and everyone else they played with the exception of OU and Tulane have scored about 20 points or more. Also, of course, continue to take care of the ball.

Defense - Forcing turnovers is big, and capitalizing on them would be huge. Keeping Hall and company off the field as much as possible would be great. Other than that the d has to find a way to shut them down. Otherwise it could be a long day. They have a lot of weapons. Hopefully Wyoming wins the field position battle too and makes it a lot more difficult.

Gonna be a tough game, but as much as BYU has a bitter taste after getting owned by TCU, I'm sure the Pokes will come in and be just as pissed and ready to go after letting one slip away in SLC. Hopefully DC lit a roaring fire under their ass all week and they come out guns blazing. I'm thinking theres a good chance for the upset here.

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