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just to pass the time


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We will have to see how this flies. Football buy or sell. Someone posts a topic then one either buys or sells it and explains why. Then that person picks the next topic. Lets see how far this goes.

Topic 1
Buy or sell at least 2 wyo defensive players make the first team all conference this season.
Buy- Prosinski (sheer number of tackels) and Knapton/Biezuns (whichever one was one of our best pass rusher last year).

Topic 2
At least one Cowboy makes the All American List.
Sell. We're not to that level yet. ACS could be a candidate if he keeps on this pace until his senior year. Really hard to tell right now since we've got so many freshman.

Topic 3
The Cowboys finish 4th in the MWC this year.
I'll buy. We get by air force and utah at home and it props us up to the 4 hole.

Topic 4
Wyo sells out the war 2 times this coming season?
Buy- I can see it for the Boise game and possibly the CSU game, if not the Utah and Air Force games as well.

Topic 5
At least 1 of the Pokes will get drafted into the NFL.
Sell. Leonard and Prosinski will get FA deals though. Frankly, we just don't have a lot of seniors this year, and even fewer who are going to be regular contributors. I may have missed someone..

Topic 6:
ACS will be 2nd team or above for All-MWC selection.
Sell-As much as I want to buy that, other teams having good QBs, plus great o-lines and WRs, will keep ACS from getting 2nd team or higher.

Topic 7
Wyoming will be in either the Poinsettia or Armed Forces Bowl at the end of the season.
Buy- armed forces bowl will pick someone other than air force for the first time in years. If not then we end up in albuquerque again.

Topic 8
2 or more ints by the pokes defense against boise state
Sell - Too early in the season, and Boise won't make many mistakes, very seasoned team. It is going to take an A game plus some good bounces to pull out a W I am afraid.

Topic 9
Newcomer of the year will be RB Nehemie Kankolongo?
Sell- Alvester is the Man! Plus Oliver might make an impression considering the other LB's move to the Defensive Line.

Topic 10

BYU doesn't blow us out this year?
Buy. If there was a year to upend BYU, this is the year. No Max Hall, no Harvey Unga, no whatever his name was at TE.. but the game is in Provo.. eek.

Topic 11:
TCU makes another BCS bowl game.
Buy. TCU only replaces a few players, but they constantly rotate players in and out, so they don't lose much of anything.

Topic 12
Utah has their worst record in years this year.
Buy. The utards might have a good team this year, but every team in the MWC is going to give the utards a game. We'll give them a hell of a send-off at the War.

Topic 13: Christensen gets Coach of the Year.
Sell. I think conf. champ gets, TCU, going BSC bowling again. For DC to get it I believe the Pokes need to finish no worse than 9-3 which would an extremely sucessful year and year I don't believe we can do just yet. I am thinking 7-5 or 8-4 is more realistic.

Topic 14: We have a reciever with more than 1000 yards and/or 10 touchdowns
Sell-I think some recievers will get good yards, but I don't think we will get any 1000 yard recievers this year.

Topic 15-ACS will contend for the Heisman by his senior year.
Sell. I don't believe the Cowboys have ever had a Heisman candidate, and the last MWC player to be invited to New York was Luke Staley from BYU. Wyoming would have to improve eons ahead of where it is now for that to happen.

Topic 16:
Andy Dalton will be MWC player of the year.
Buy and in a heartbeat.

topic x+1: DC third recruiting class is much more explosive/better than the last two
MrTitleist said:
Sell. I don't believe the Cowboys have ever had a Heisman candidate.

Time out here. Titliest, you forgot about Marcus Harris in 1996. He finished 9th in the Heisman voting that year.

Scroll down to 1996....

Buy. If his winning % goes up, so will the recruits.

Topic 18:
New Mexico will finish last in the MWC this season.
Sdsu will start the year 3-1 then drop 8 straight conference games.

Topic 19
Bobby hauck will pull a dc and get unlv to a bowl game in his first season as their head coach

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