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If I was a betting man #2...


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I would wager that Boise State becomes a MWC member (when eligible), and that it is announced soon.

Wait, again, I am a betting man! And I am f&#@ing rich from my last bet. :cool:
What do you mean by when eligible? I do think you are right though, why else would ESPN be all overs the Mtn Wests jock all of a sudden? I mean gameday was on a MWC campus 3 times this year!!! They know something we don't. If the Broncos are invited it will make things that much tougher for the Pokes. I hope we can keep spending the money to compete because I really believe in Christensen's system.
I agree, I think Boise will be invited to the MWC next summer and begin conference play in 2011. If you need to inform yourself, go over to the MWC Board and research expansion, Boise St., in Cowboy Junky's posts. He will inform you.
It makes sense for Boise, they get a better schedule instantly and it makes the MWC the only conference the perennial contender for a non-BCS conference to get an invite. Yes I know that the MWC is in the final year of the BCS review - but honestly I don't believe that is anything more than BCS lipservice - though would love to be proven wrong. It would make the WAC completely irrelevant, but they pretty much already are anyway, which is why Boise needs out if they want to get more respect.
how would it work? A MWC North and South? you play your side and 4 other conference 4 non conference and then a MWC championship in... San Diego? Invesco? Dallas?
Go read the MWC board expansion threads.... I'm too tired to regurgitate all that right now. We'd either play everybody, 9 game conference season like the Pac-10 (AFA won't go for it because of their academy games) or play like the Big-10 and skip 1 team every year (certain games like BYU-Utah, CSU-Wyo won't be skipped).

No conference championship game with a 10 team conference.

Seriously if you want to read about it go to the MWC board.

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