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I looked...


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I looked on that other message board just to read what they were saying. They have got some guy on there that thinks we need to keep Joe Glenn as head coach and fire all the assistants, hire really good assistants, and keep Joe on to lead the way kind of like JoePa, for stability. Hirta is just about to have a heart attack!

This isn't gonna happen. Not to be too negative (God, it's hard to be positive), I don't see us coming close to TCU, TENN. I don't think we can go into Vegas and beat them based on how we play away from home (or even at home.) Because it is a rivalry game with CSU, we might have a chance if it is a low scoring game like 10-7, but I have my serious doubts. Depending on what SDSU team shows up in Laramie, maybe! With that being said, 4-8 if we are way lucky, 3-9 maybe, 2-10 the way things look now. If any team scores more than 14, I don't see how we win.

I think or hope Tom knows that the state of Wyoming and it's fan base will not accept that. People have said that we can not accept mediocrity but we aren't even close to that. To many years to turn this thing around for Joe and we are getting worse. Change is needed.
Couldn't agree with you more. We would have to improve quite a bit to reach mediocre. We are just flat out piss poor. Change needs to be made and if Tom can't do it, that change needs to include the AD position as well.

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