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I can gather 5 Wyoming HS Bball players and beat the pokes.


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I'm impressed with the athleticism of the Wyoming Cowboy basketball team.. Unfortunately running real fast and jumping real high means you should be on the track and field team, not basketball. In order to play basketball YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SHOOT A BASKETBALL THROUGH A HOOP. OH YEA... AND MAKE IT!!!
Of course, your coaching would have been enough to guide 5 Wyo kids past the Pokes. 4 of the 5 wyo kids would have been 5-11 and the other 6-1.
I'd get the tallest 2 rebounders in the state... Cheyenne East, Natrona, Gillette, Sheridan, wherever they are.. Then I'd get the best penetrator/shooter in the state and the other 2 spots would be filled with the two best 3 point shooters in the state.

Pokes would be missing dunks and shooting 20% from three while my team is canning threes. Should make for a competitive game. Wyoming All-stars vs. the Pokes.. I'd love to see it!
Where is the Waddell in the state this year? Oh, and Mizzou is terrible, or atleast was tonite. They knew UW sucked and didn't even show up.. They were great last year, but they played like a 70th rated team tonite. Don't get too excited about having to come back and still losing by 10 against Mizzou tonite.

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