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I am having a problem with the 6 or 7 win "is good" group...


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I don't get it. When really is it OK to have 6 or 7 wins? Maybe once every 3 or 4 years...the rebuilding years! It is almost like some of our fanbase (not that I have seen on WyoNation) has decided that mediocrity (6 or 7 wins) is acceptable and good...especially because if we get to 6 wins this year, it will "really be showing fans something spectacular." I say let other teams be the doormat of the league...namely SDSU and UNLV...and let other teams be mediocre...(always NM, sometimes AFA, and frankly CSU). How many times has UW achieved 6 or 7 wins in the last nine years...two as I recall. How many times has UW achieved 8 wins in the last nine years...never.

Settle for mediocrity? Not me...no way. No reason why UW cannot compete with anyone.
How many people are really saying that going into the season they would be happy with 6 or 7 wins? And how many are saying that based on where we are now that 6 wins for this season would be a marked improvement? I fall into the later category. Personally I don't see why we shouldn't be shooting for a minimum of 7 wins a season, maybe the occassional 6 win season (i.e once or twice a decade during a rebuilding year). But should also be able to expect 9 and 10 win seasons with at minimum a MWC title or 2 per decade.
I agree. It is sad however when we say 6 wins would be an improvement after how many years of building tuning this program. It may be the cleanest but that doesn't win anything. Now if we can convince the purse holders to give us $5 million a year for a respectable coach that can bring a winning team to Wyoming I think we will be set. I do mean bring a team here becuase our current team is just average if they could ever be coached to that level. :( We may have to have $7 million considering where we are and how much work they would need to do. I am like you, we have to do it right. No more cheerleaders that play pianos. We want wins and if it means we have to line their pockets to do it then so be it because if it isn't for money what other reason would they have for coming here? Wyoming is in the middle of no where. There is no glory in the sports world for being at Wyoming. We have to make it that way. I agree we need something good. Are the people in charge going to make it happen or do we have to hope the next coach we get is good and is looking for challenge so he can make a name for himself and leave town. Maybe we should look for someone like Legerski? Except that was odd the way that worked out anyway. I could hardly see that happen for football. For football I only see troubled times for our beloved program. I don't like it anymore then the rest of the Poke fanbase. As always I will continue to support them regardless. An 8 win season is overdue... :(
What I don't understand is what has anyone seen that makes them even believe that 6 or 7 wins is in the realm of possibility. TJJ has managed to squeak out two wins against poor competition literally on the last play of the game and the other three losses were COMPLETE piss poundings. I am sensing optimism because the 'Boys are getting ready to play a few injury ridden and underperforming teams (namely NM and SDSU but also TN). So they might have a chance because "X" sucks as bad as us - That's brutal! Damn if AF wasn't a winnable game (never seen so may mental errors/penalties from them) and that loss to BG was the worst of signs. I guess I can see a loss to BG (look at the last 10 years) but losing to that team in that fashion - Put a fork in 'er...

Damn this sucks - $1 to 1.5M/year should do the trick...

The TJJ deal...sure is a crock...what the hell was he thinking, by saying that. Wow.
I agree 7 wins is not the goal, but I do believe that a steady diet of 8,9,10 win seasons is the ultimate goal and turning over the coaches that don't get there right away (granted 6 yrs should be enough now) or hiring someone looking for another UW launchpad to a bigger program isn't the long term answer either.

I would much rather build a program with someone who will stay, than hire hotshots that are gone in 3 yrs, rehire and have the program regress back to 3 wins in 2 seasons. Glenn inherited a crappy team, made them feel good about themselves, they manage to get a bowl game, won it, and we have very slowly improved. We can't stay stuck on 6-7 wins forever one way or the other. Season isn't over, lets see how it turns out.


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