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Here is what I would like to see...


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I would like to see Joe step down and not any bloodshed. Everyone wishes each other the best of luck and part our seperate ways.

Then I would like for UW to raise the salary of the head coach from $550,000 to $1 mill. with the states help. I would like to see us bring in a coach that fits the bill for 3 things:

1). Awesome recruiter with ties that will allow him to recruit in other parts of the country.

2). Offensive minded and knows how to move the ball. Bring back some excitement.

3). Knows his X's and O's.

I would like the new coach to be accessable and fan friendly but not a rah-rah type of guy but one that just goes out and does his job. (no excuses). If he stays here for 4 or 5 years and then gets an offer to coach somewhere else, I can handle that. That means that our program will have done a complete 180 and that as a fan, I will be talking about bowl games and who we might be playing, rather than how many quarterbacks are we gonna play this game, 3 or 4 and how many points will we lose by this week?

That is what I would like to see.
Couldn't agree more...great post. And I don't mind if he isn't fan friendly really (the Urban Meyer type)...as long as the W's are there.

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