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Greetings from Northern Nevada

Pack Backer

New member
Nevada fan here who just wants to formally introduce himself and my fellow Wolf Pack fans.

I know the events of this past week have been pretty sudden, and that some of you probably aren't sure what to think of your two new conference mates just yet. But I'm here to say that our fans are ecstatic about this move and can't wait to see our favorite teams prove themselves.

Feel free to stop by our board and share your thoughts with us any time: http://www.silverandbluesports.com/
My uncle lives in Fallen (just outside of Reno) and his family are all big wolfpack fans. Only downside for him however, is that he is a Pokes fan through and through. I know he and his family are happy about the move, but for those of us ardent MWC and Cowboys fans, we need to see Nevada do something against good competition in OOC before we're convinced. Fresno has had a lot of moral vicotries, but they need to finish them, so they are in the samae boat. Nevertheless, welcome to the MWC and to wyonation.
Welcome Pack Backer! Glad to see you stopped by. Your team looks like they might be pretty good this year. Kappernick.. junior or senior? He's been a good QB for UNR. I assume Wolf Pack fans are excited about leaving the WAC for a real conference?
fromolwyoming - You're definitely preaching to the choir. With the team Coach Ault has assembled thus far and the way the schedule is laid out, this is definitely a "put up or shut up" kind of season. A successful season for most of us would be winning at least one of the three "statement" games (Cal, @ BYU or Boise State) and winning a bowl game.

MrTitleist - Kaepernick's a senior, and you can bet he and Coach Ault are feeling the most pressure of anyone heading into this year.

As for this week's events, we're definitely grateful to have the college sports gods smile on us for a change. The BYU Indy/WAC scenario would've been great for Utah State, but the only way it would've been worthwhile for Nevada and Fresno is if UNLV and SDSU came along with them as full members. At least one report (http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/aug/20/was-sdsu-play-wac/) indicates that this was never a serious possibility.

Conferences are supposed to benefit their members -- not the other way around -- and in this regard Benson failed to do his job as commissioner. He's been the common denominator in all of the WAC's upheavals in the last 10+ years, and his behavior at his recent press conference further reinforces why it was best for Nevada to get out of Dodge.
Howdy, packbacker!

Rumors are flying that Hawaii could end up joining the MWC as well although most of their fans want to go the Independent in football route which I truly believe is big-time sucide since their HC isn't the grestest. I've seen junior high school coaches do better than McMackin.
MrTitleist said:
Are all of the Hawaii to MWC rumors flying from the Sports Hawaii board?

Yeah and none were started by me. LOL

They do have one other fan board called Warrior Sports Network, a Scout message board, that's as bad of a looney bin as the MWC Message Board if that's even possible!!! The guys on WSN are as screwed up as BYU fans.
Greetings UNR. Great to have you in the MWC. Love Reno / Tahoe...one of my top travel destinations ever. Hopefully the MWC won't schedule us with UNLV & UNR on the road the same year...

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