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go cowgirls!!!


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Its time for the girls to take to the court tonite. It doesn't matter to me if the game doesn't count in the record ( exh. game). Its that time of year that every pokes fan knows that our team can go out and wipe someone out almost eveytime we play. I can't wait. Go get them cowgirls!!!!
Cowgirls -
Carlson - 2nd team mwc last season
Vandiver - 3rd team mwc 2 yrs ago, and is back and healthy
Langford - 6th lady of the year for the mwc last season. Plus has played and won medals on the aussie u20 national team the last couple seasons,
Scheffler - when on can score from any place
Freeze - didn't play a lot last season but was new mexico player of the year her senior year in hs

In coming frosh -
Bec Campigli - coach joe tabbed her as his 1st true pg. She comes to us from ais same as hanna did.
Sara Wilson - has the ability to make it rain from outside.

So yeah, I think this could be a great season for the cowgirls, and it all starts tonite!!!
I know this is a few months early, but WHEN we do make the ncaa's again this year I hope we get to play sodak state. I'm so tired of everyone here in sd talk about their beloved jacks. It would make my day to see the girls wipe them out like they did on their wnit run. Let me tell you that was an awesome day for me. Go Cowgirls!!!

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