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Any game updates would be much appreciated. In Guinea, West Africa and not a whole lot of bandwidth here to watch the game. So, any of you that can help a brother out, I will buy copious racks of beer for when we return. GO POKES!!
Cowboys picked off TN on their first drive and returned it to the 5 yard line. Next play was a TD pass. The past few possessions have been in TN territory but both ended up with WY punts. WY defense is playing great so far. 7-0 WY. TN ball on their own 20.
AfiPoke said:
Thanks digger. Damn, wish I was watching it. How full is Neyland?
They announced a crowd of 107,000. I think they blacked out the game in TN so that might account for so many people. TN rushing game is going now and they have it at the TN 47 now.
Wynel running all over TN right now. Stutz passes to Stewart for first down at TN 35! This offense is looking as good as it ever has. Sween back in and hands to Stewart for 8 yards. Odd rotation at QB considering how well Stutz looks.
Please oh please Pokes...win this damn game. I was at Neyland when Stoner had them on the ropes and no-one was singing rocky top for the first half. Whoop these boys and get your confidence back. Thanks for the updates digger.
Whatever it is, I am impressed. I know the Vols are reeling over HCPF but the Pokes sound like they are hittin on all cylinders. Hope we can keep it up in the second half. Real shot in the arm for these boys.

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