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Gagliardi: The Golden Foot (Schober)


Staff member
By Robert Gagliardi
[email protected]

LARAMIE -- Oliver Schober isn't your typical college freshman.

Nor is he your typical college football player.

But that's fine with Schober and the University of Wyoming. In fact, the two consider themselves lucky to have found each other.
I KNEW this guy would be a monster for us. Him and Kongo are the players in the recruiting class I was the most excited about. They both have a ton of smarts AND phenomenal drive and motivation.
That is one kicker you would NOT want to be tackled by. Booming foot and he could blow up a wedge or destroy a return man. A one man cure for our kickoff team? not, really it takes 11 on the same page, but he potentially could make a huge impact on one of our weakest areas....Awesome.

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