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Football: Good News if you hate New Balance..


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Nike has decided to follow Coach Christensen to Wyoming and has bought out the remaining contract we had with New Balance. From now on, everything Nike for football....legit

Which most likely means NEW UNI'S, and i'm pretty sure Nike won't wanna make ugly ones haha :lol:
Look at the torture they've laid on Oregon all these years.. can't wait to see what Nike brings to UW. We may end up back on the bottom 10, and not for just the way the team is playing!
Ummm... MrTitleist, no worries man. You do know Oregon goes overboard with that 'special' treatment of jerseys because of Co-Founder of Nike, Phil Knight, being an alum there.

I'm looking forward to these. Maybe we'll actually get some legit practice jerseys instead of hand-me-downs
dapokes said:
Ummm... MrTitleist, no worries man. You do know Oregon goes overboard with that 'special' treatment of jerseys because of Co-Founder of Nike, Phil Knight, being an alum there.

I'm looking forward to these. Maybe we'll actually get some legit practice jerseys instead of hand-me-downs

I'm skeptical by nature, I take everything as a "wait and see." :thumb: Suppose they'll sell the old ones off like they did last season?
i dont like NB shoes... the only ones i really like are Adidas' , more specific, the SuperStars.

they are the only shoes i can find in a store with my size that arent basketball shoes.

And I like Wyo's jerseys, im somewhat used to the Brown and Yellow colors, not in a good way, but my rival hs is Bethlehem Catholic, and their colors are the same brown and "gold." also Lehigh Univ is Brown White and Gold.

But Nike and UA are makin some sweet jerseys with the designs and patterns. Maybe it could help sell some Wyo replicas nationally.
New Balance is a totally American company - unlike Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Saucony, etc. Their cheaper shoes are now made in China, but the higher end stuff is still made in the USA. Their main selling point was that the shoes came in widths. Only very few serious runners wore them (when I was running in the 70's).
I all for new, but I'm surprised they are going away from NB just two years after they redesigned the new look.

I was against the switch back to the traditional colors in the beginning, mainly because I thought our road football jerseys looked SO SWEET (ones with the brown pants, white tops, and gold swipe down the side). Man those were tight unis, and people nationally thought so too. I remember a game that was on CSTV or something, and the announcer just kept going on and on about how good our road jerseys looked.

But with the exception of loosing those, I like the switch back. They are so old school, which is cool, and the gold basketball jerseys are tight. I also like the brown b-ball set as well.

All that said, I don't like what they did with the football jerseys, NB that is. The brown rectangle thing down the pants looks retarded, mainly because its a rectangle, but also because it doesn't extend up the jersey in any fashion. Nike will without a doubt design something more sleek. I would be totally pleased with the following:

Obviously, our base home set has to be Brown over Gold, but they should also include the following alternates. (And yes, Wyoming should and will have alternates. If they don't wear them, blame it on the conservative brass in the department, because Nike PAYS for this whole thing. It is marketing for them, schools don't pay for their jerseys, even smaller schools. Heck, even some high schools get comped sets I think if they are big enough)

-- An all brown set is sweet if you ask me.
-- I thought all gold would look sweet, until I saw it in action last fall. Maybe leave that one out.
-- I don't like all white or white over gold for roads, but Im not sure where else to go. One option might be a white top with gold or brown accents on it, and then accented pants with both colors as well. I don't know.

The only thing I know for sure? NO MATTER WHAT NIKE DRAWS UP, EA SPORTS WILL GET IT TOTALLY WRONG IN NCAA FOOTBALL 2010. I wouldn't be surprised if our colors are black and red in the game this year. The fact that there are actually game designers making six figures working on that game baffles me every year!
The jersey I would like to see, would be just like the Cleveland Browns, but with gold instead of orange, and of course keep our traditional helmet.

One standard one like this:

and use the one above, but with brown pants. I think those would be sweet, traditional, and basic while keeping the bright gold in check a little bit.
I'd be ok with that, but my preference would be a mainly brown top, white pants and then a matching gameday gold stripe acented in brown like the style the broncos have on the jersey shown here, that starts at the underarm and goes to the bottom of the pants.
That's pretty much what we have now, except we usually wear gold pants. Call me old fashioned, but I hate all the new style stripes. I like traditional uniforms like Alabama, Texas, Nebraska, Penn State, Michigan, etc. I really like our throwbacks that we wear every now and again. Use those with white pants or all brown and those would be a sweet everyday home jersey.
There is no stripe all the way down the jersey right now...it was just that stupid underarm swoosh and then the block stripe with the angle on the pants. Personally I don't have a problem with the throw-back look, but I like the newer style that ties the jersey and pants together...even if it were a yellow stripe on a brown jersey and a brown stripe on white pants I think it would looks good.

I posted this in September, before the season went to crap, and feel partly responsible because I put out negative thoughts about my beloved Pokes. But it is relevant here so I brought it back.

by Fullback41 » Tue Sep 02, 2008 10:42 pm

I have always loved our "ugly" uniforms. They have always been beautiful to me, whether the traditional brown & gold (yellow), the mid 90s brown & prairie gold, the all brown uniforms we beat CSU in 2 yrs ago.

But I must say I do not like the yellow, for lack of a better term "bra straps" we have on our current jerseys. I couldn't put my finger on it for the longest time but once I figured out what they remind me of I just can't get over it. I can't wait for a jersey change. I don't mind the half stripe on the pants or the colors, but the way the straps come up from under the armpits without continuing down the side of the jersey it just drives me nuts, it is not masculine. I would rather they continue the yellow down the side, just put some yellow on the shoulders, or keep the jersey all brown. Sorry to be negative, but it bothers to me to no end.

Who approves this stuff?

Does it bother anyone else or am I just sick in the head?

P.S. Some new thoughts...We need the brown to be dark brown, almost black, any light colored brown just looks like crap. Yellow Gold, pops against dark brown better, but I can live with Prairie Gold. I have played with color combinations on an old version of NCAA on my PS2. I keep trying to play with the helmet colors, without much success, couldn't find a combination I liked, they probably need to stay white. I also tried to mimic a UW version of the Steelers but with a white helmet and liked it. Brown over brown works, white over white doesn't (not with a white helmet as well). I prefer the triple stripe look in my avatar, especially on a white helmet. Somehow feel brown jerseys should help with ball fakes more than they do. I am sure the pros at Nike will come with a look that is nice to watch. They could even copy Missouri but with our logo and colors works for me. Bra straps gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
clear up misconceptions here

Nike isn't paying for anything - and will charge $$$$$$$ for new unis

Joe Glenn pretty much designed the NB unis.

Say good bye to brown your new school colors are Black and Gold.
kahunapoke said:
clear up misconceptions here....

..... your new school colors are Black and Gold.

Ummmmm I call bullsh*t on that one. Sorry. If anything it would be a dark brown...like a dark chocolate...not the milk-chocolate we've been known for lol
Black huh!, not sure if I like that or not. Hmmmm, I will have to think about that, brown is unique which is part of its appeal to me. Are these facts, or just speculation? We would have to repaint the field, etc. I'm not saying I'm against it, but I will have to see it (black) before I believe it. I think the traditionalist would scream!

For anyone interested that hasn't checked it out, their is a website called MGs Helmets http://www.mghelmets.com and if you search the TX (i think) highschool teams you will find a Black helmet with a Gold(yellow) WYO logo on it. I doesn't look bad. There are also an alternate helmet for UW that is Prarie gold with a brown WYO logo.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone here told me about it last year, hell it might have been you. Anyway, agreed it is a cool site.

Happy, TX & Hulbert, OK have Black helmets with gold(yellow) steamboat logos. If we actually do change colors I may have to use that as my avatar.

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