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Facilities Upgrades Questions


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I was curious if anyone knows "what's next" on the athletic facilities front. Burman has suggested that the AA is in need of a facelift - which is true. The Birleffi Press Box on the West side of the War will no doubt need updating, given what the other side will look like. Does anyone know what's in the hopper?
There were several things that were "earmarked" a few years ago, but I think they have been tabled somewhat. To name a few...

1. Adding additional indoor Tennis courts
2. AA Concourse renovation
3. East Stands Parking lot paving

Given the current financial condition (or just the fact that everyone is watching) I doubt anything is spent for at least 2 years after the completion of the East Stands Wildcatters Suites. Then again, things could change if they sell a gillion wall-of-fame bricks, and the gas / oil money comes flooding in again.
After the Wildcatter suites are completed they are going to renovate the concessions and restrooms on the West side of War Memorial. The CJC parking lot for the War will be paved. The covered tennis courts will be built as well.

After that I read somewhere that they were looking at renovations to the AA as well as expansion and renovation of Corbett Pool. I think both of those projects are probably a long ways down the road, but after they finish the football stadium and the tennis courts those two projects are next on the list for athletics faciliies.
Agree with Junky the concessions get renovated next and the east parking lot gets paved. The money for that is in the bank and to not do now when construction costs are low is not a good idea. I also think the money for the tennis courts is also in the bank and when the stadium is done those are next.

Not sure about the AA improvements though
That would be a huge improvement. I just can't fathom why this hasn't been done previously.. it'll be great when it's done.
I'm almost positive that the first three projects are already paid for. The renovation of the west concources/restrooms, the paving of the War CJC parking lot, and the indoor tennis courts. The funds have already been raised for those projects.

I believe it was information from Burman that discussed where we go next. I do remember reading that it would be the AA and Corbett Pool. I don't know any details about it, but I do know that's where they will focus their attention after the War and the Tennis Courts are done.

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