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Dylan McElveen and Sonny Puletasi cribs


Staff member
WTF are these guys doing.. I don't think they understand how YouTube works or something..
Mazi, DeJay, & Oliver (Da Boot) have had the best "crib" so far....DeJay has the nicest vehicle so far.

All are available on coachchristensen.com.

I like checking them out.

Poor Dylan and Sonny, cramped in the dorms, reminds me of my freshman year....except my roommate wasn't as cool. I like to see some kids still have the poor college student thing going on like I did. Makes you appreciate what you get later on.

Cool idea, I just like getting to see the guys and see what they are about.
Ah, the dorms! So many opportunities, so few deals closed! I bet Dylan and Sonny are getting more ass than I did in there!

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