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Double A Question for those that may know...


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Why did UW take down the 2 scoreboards that were mounted in the AA, and replace them with the Lite Bright above the tunnel? Horrible decision IMO.
I believe the boards were taken down because they were technologically incompatible with the new system. At least, I think that's what someone (who is now in admin) told me awhile back.

I hated to see those boards come down, too. I would constantly read them for info during games.
wyopokesfan23 said:
I don't think I understand what you guys mean. When did this happen and what board above the tunnel

I don't remember how long ago...but it was quite some time (Moon era I believe) that the AA had two mounted scoreboards, opposite each other, at the half-court point...but suspended from the ceiling. They didn't effect any seating, and no matter where you sat, you always had a view of the clock, stats, etc.

Well...UW opted to take them out, and replace them with the Lite Bright that is there in place now (it is located at the top of the AA above the visitors, or "main" tunnel (next to the pep band area).

My question, which POKE FAN answered, was why they were taken down and replaced (they were great). In addition, by putting in the "newer" piece of crap, the decreased seating, and, ruined quite a bit of the fan experience if you ever sit on the same side as the scoreboard.

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