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DMo Seahawk Training Camp Interview

Good stuff, and good finds Transplant. Thanks for putting it here...I would have never seen it.
He is a sleeper to do big things for them. He has so much more potential then any of their other terrible RBs.
I had a class with D Mo last semester and he is a super nice guy, he deserves everything he gets. I really hope he can make it in the NFL. Maybe the next Warrick Dunn?
kudos to PokeTransplant, I have been searching the Seahawks site about once a week looking for D-mo news, glad to know someone else is searching there as well. Good find, I've been anxious to see something on him.
DMo is getting some good exposure during Seahawk training camp. Here's another pic of him in camp. From what I have been reading from different boards and blogs, Moore seems to be the underdog favorite to make the roster this season. IMO, he has a realistic shot of being a contributor to the Hawks this season.

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