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csu turns back the clock about 29 years today....


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Not since their infamous 0-12 season in 1981 when they were ranked #1 in the season ending "bottom ten" poll have I seen such defense, or lack thereof. SDS had 5 possessions in the 2nd half and 5 touchdowns. It looks like their very beatable this year. I wish we were playing them this week, now that their reeling.

It also appears that Air Force is pretty good. They could have easily won that game today. Hopefully, we will go in there and compete next week.
There definitely was some things exposed...or evident this week in the MWC...

1. The CSewe secondary blows. Worse than everything else CSewe.
2. SDSU can throw the ball.
3. AFA really does have a solid D (1 mistake cost them the game IMO).
4. Utah is not the Utah of last year, but knows how to win.
5. New Mexico is without doubt the worst team in the MWC and will go 0 & 12.
6. bWHYu looked like a D2 school...at home even.
7. TCU is the real deal.
8. Good for the Rebels to end thier streak of road losses, but they did play New Mexico!

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