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Cowboys in a nutshell


This Laramie Boomerang article really tells it like it is. The only thing I would add is that I believe McClain P***** off the officials all over the country so much that they hate UW now and they are giving it to us in the shorts to get even.


Excellent article!
I agree. Excellent article. Except I think it's good the way it is--without the referees giving it to us in the shorts part. :lol:

I know fans were pissed after the UW-BYU game about the foul calls. I think there were 2-3 that shouldn't have been called. But I've seen a lot of games in a lot of different arenas, and I've never seen fans like Wyoming's when it comes to complaining about the referees. They literally complained about EVERY call on Saturday. The refs made some mistakes but I would say most of their calls were accurate. I'm a big Wyoming fan, but I've tried to look at that objectively this year because if you went along with the crowd, you'd complain about every single call. In the end, BYU actually had more fouls called against them than we did. It's just that our big men picked up most of our foul calls, and theirs were spread around a bit more.

Yes, I think Plaisted got the benefit of the doubt a couple of times, and that sucks, but I think they were honest mistakes. I think the officials were maybe less competent than some I've seen in the past, but I don't think they are out to get us.

Watching our big men get in foul trouble was upsetting, but I'm not going to start talking conspiracy. It just makes us look like babies and poor losers.
Great article, and explains a lot of the frustrations the Cowboy fans have been feeling the last few weeks but didn't have an explanation.
Here is a link to some information about officiating that is very interesting. I can't verify how accurate this information is because the person who posted it did not have a link to back it up. If this is true, I believe it is a result of complaints that have been made to the conference office(s).

It seems like a very interesting idea to have a pool of refs - either from several comferences or independent - and have a neutral party assign a mix of refs to each games - maybe by pulling names out of a hat. Furthermore each ref should not know what game he will ref until the last minute (within the bounds of travel time restrictions) and would not know who his fellow refs would be. Also the teams to be ref'd would not know who the refs are until they show up. Now that I think, would be a neutral position, ref-wise
Sounds like Wyoming to me. What have I been saying all year, with basketball and football? Fans need to be patient. Instead of head hunting the coaches, let them work their magic. It takes time. I know, I'm in the coaching business. I watched plenty of coaches get shafted because the fans were unhappy, the very next year a new coach takes the recruits from the old one who spent his entire tenure recruiting these kids and has a great season. He'll continue to have a couple of great seasons, and then it starts to go down hill. Perfect example, Benny Dees picked up an amzing team from Brandenburg, had a great first season and never came through afterward. Then Joby Wright comes in and starts turning the program around. He pulls in great recruits like, HL Coleman, Bobby Traylor, Theo Ratliff and the like, and we go 12-16 his last year. He askes for one more, but we get rid of him. The very next year, Larry Shyatt goes 19-9 and goes to the NIT with Wrights recruits. Then he bolts, and we get Mcclain who also had success with Wrights recruits his first 3 years of his career.Then we get Mclains recruits and style and leadership which was basically squat and look where we are now?
Give Shroyer time. He had a 35-47 record from Portland St. but, look at what he did there. Every year was better, started from the bottom and worked up to a 19-9 season, which was PSU's best record ever. Give him time. Wyoming won't regret it. And even though I hate BYU with every passion of my being, That was a great compliment by Dave Rose.

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