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Coach Fran at Texas State


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When the bobcats play in Laramie next season Coach Franchione will be their head coach.
I heard (but did not check myself) that his son resigned as HC at Blinn JC (where Cam Newton played).

I've just lost my respect for Texas State hiring someone who completely nauseates me.
Can't stand his boring offense. Maybe he'll change something about it. I don't find him an attractive hire at all.

Just had to get that out.
What do y'all think about that hire?
I would be surprised if he stays there more than a year (or two at the most). Maybe he plans to bring his son onto the staff and then turn the reins over to him when he leaves. There has to be another motive for him to take that job.
Texas St, from what I saw, interviewed some pretty high profile coaches (Dan Hawkins, I believe was one), I don't think Dennis was the best choice in that group.
I know he coached there before. I wouldn't want his offense either.
I don't know who TX ST interviewed but I wouldn't want Hawkins either.

Who would you like at TX ST?

Maybe the TX ST fan who posted here will come back someday and talk about all that but I think he was just wanting to know advice about Laramie.
I saw these names on the list of people interviewed: Dan Hawkins, Bobby Jack Wright, Tim Brewster, Rocky Long, Steve Kragthorpe, Shawn Watson, & Dave Steckel
Sorry I didn't come back here before to answer some more questions about the Fran hire. But, I for one really like the Fran hire. I was planning on coming back to discuss the team some more once I saw what our signing class was going to be.

I for one really like the Fran hire, although alot of Texas State fans did not at the time of the announcement. But, with the quality of staff that he has brought in, as well as the quality of recruiting class that we signed most fans are warming up very quickly.

Fran has already stated, that he plans to run a spread offense at Texas State, and hired Mike Schultz (Middle Tennessee State's Offensive Coordinator last year) as his offensive coordinator. I would expect Texas State to run an offense that features the running game. But to date, we have no signed a QB in the signing class, or had anyone transfer in. Leaving the likely starter to be Tyler Arndt. Who while a solid athlete is definitely more of a Pro Style QB than a Dual Threat QB. I am thinking the offense will be about 50 to 55% running but still plenty of passing. I wouldn't expect to see the 60 to 65% running plays that were typical of Franchione's offenses usually at Texas A&M.

Feel free to ask any questions, and I will answer them the best that I can.

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