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Carta Samuels has left program...


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Per Eric Schmoldt Twitter... Carta Samuels is done and will enroll at a JC.

Wyoming two-year starting quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels has left the Wyoming football program.

I just spoke with Carta-Samuels on the phone, and he confirmed he is not back in Laramie, but will enroll in a yet-to-be-determined junior college.

"There is a reason for it, but I don't really want to get so much into that, I just want to stretch that Laramie has been great to me," Carta-Samuels said. "I had every intention of being a player there until I graduated."

Carta-Samuels took over as a starter four games into his freshman season and started all but one game this past year.

He was the Mountain West Conference Freshman of the Year in 2009
I defended others leaving the program as " no big deal" but losing a two year starting qb is fucked up. Is DC a big enough asswhole to get guaranteed starters to leave? Apparently so. I was so optimistic for the upcoming season, but this shit can't keep happening. Hopefully Brett Smith turns out to be a stud qb or Pittser decides to stay. Otherwise we are fucked and then some.

I am off the DC bandwagon and here is another reason to fire Tom Burman.
First Watt, Gary, and Tooley leave.... but this is the worst news we could have received. Like others are saying, something has to be up. A 2 year starting QB doesn't just leave a program. Nothing makes sense right now.
This could go either way on Pittser. Either he sees this as a clear path to playing time or bails because he sees a coaching staff that has players (including a QB who established himself as the starter midway through his true freshman season) leaving in droves. I'd bet money he decommits soon, what with him continuing to get attention from BCS schools and taking a visit to CU.

Good thing I got a degree from Oregon, or my life as a college football fan would just be repeated kicks to the balls.
Seriously WTF is going on!!! :tickedoff: I really want to go off on a profane explited deleted rant, but I will do that on the Vegas traffic on my way home instead, but fucking hell :brick:
I'm actually not too surprised about this. Like I said earlier when posters were discussing grumblings of ACS and Gary leaving...where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

Running a strict, no non-sense program like DC does often results in high player turnover rates. Winning can usually overcome that, but I was worried this would happen after our 3-9 season. It will be interesting to see if DC can overcome this because if we don't win next season, this may only be the tip of the iceberg.
WOW...what in the hell is going on with our men's programs. Burman better get to doing his goddamn job or go back to selling cars. There is obviously trouble in the team deeper than just the usual attrition.
Schroyer is a proven loser.....needs to be gone.
As stated on here before, I don't think DC can get it done, I think the defections are closing the door on him.
Anyone know what kind of stipend Legeski gets for his success? I know what Schroyer got for his lack of success.
I guess I'm just frustrated with the direction we keep heading in mens sports.
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