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Carpool to Austin (From Laramie)


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After looking at all possibilities for getting to Texas for the game, the girlfriend and I have decided to drive down to Austin. Leaving Friday the 10th around noon and returning Sunday morning. Gas split 4 ways would be a cheap ride and it gets two more Wyo fans to the game. If anyone is interested just reply or PM me. Thanks
Driving directions to University of Texas At Austin

1,066 mi – about 18 hours 14 mins

Why not leave at 12pm on Thursday 9/09/10? That way you can join us for a backyard barbecue on Friday afternoon!

Ok so here is the deal. I can't sell my two tickets.. which are awesome seats btw! So the only way I end up going financially is riding with someone down there or some type of carpool. Surely there is some caravan going down I could hitch a ride on.

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