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Brown and Gold All Access - WYOKIE!!!


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Wyokie!! I'm tasking you with recapping Brown and Gold All Access tomorrow since I'll be traveling on the road. Need a good report. :) I didn't find Brett or Baend at the tailgates..
Show is on. Talking about the Texas game. Both guys were impressed with the first half.

Brett is still M.I.A.
They are having problems. The sound now is really screwed up. You can hear them but it doesn't sound like it's in stero plus, you can't hear the caller at all.
Sorry, guys, but it's hard to give updates when you can only hear half of a conversation.
LOL You can't hear the commericals but you CAN hear the guys talking during the commericals!
They admitted to some techneical problems. Both are trying to explain what the guy from the Wyo Eagle had told them in the phone interview.

CDC admitted we have problems at QB.

Talking about the Offensive Line.
defense got tired fast due to all the 3 and outs. Obviously.

game was a great example of why field position matters.
They are laughing about the problems. They think the internet feed got screwed up.

Talking about memories of Spring practices in the 990s in really bad weather.
after the commericals, they'll talk about the penalties and mistakes plus talk about the upcoming CU game.
They think that defensively for Colorado, only the LBs could give us problems. As for DL, it's equal our OL. Secondary was bad against Toledo against CSU so...

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