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Brandon Ewing


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-Brandon Ewing is avg. 18 a game which is good but here are his games,Vs. UCCS First half: 2 points 2nd half:16 At Denver 1st half: 2 points 2nd half: 16 At Lamar 1st half: 3 2nd half:15 he has a good avg

-but think if he good get 8 in the first half or something thats proy 24 points a game and where is the Brad Jones that did so well in conference last year!! they usuually avg 50 points as a duo thats unreral!!!!!!!!!!!

-Why does Joesph Taylor start? He's playing solid ball off the bench

-Looking foward Casper Natrona has a class of 09' where 4 starters are D1 material one of them probably there 3rd best a 2 or 3 star has committed to WYO hpefully we get all 3 top players and they have and unreal class of 10' player hes amazing with the ball--SCHROYER!!!!!!!!! GO IN STATE!!!!!!!

-JAMES JOHNSON!!! He's amazing how'd we miss out on him?
Ewing is probably not scoring in the first half because he is trying to be the "team player" Shroyer wants. Since the Pokes struggle in this mode, they turn Ewing loose the second half. Other explanations possible are: he can't hit crap the first half; he is guarded too closely; he wants to be a second-half hero; he doesn't try hard enough.

In any case Taylor must start ahead of the (worthless) Bunker if the Pokes don't want to plat catch-up ball.
You also must remember, we're about to have two internationals start playing. That will make a difference, especially whne they are both Big's who have an inside/outside game.
It's Shroyers first year, and he has to teach. What your seeing is him slowing down Brad Jones, and Brandon Ewing in the first to show the rest of the team that they have the capability to play these games as one unit. Yeah, when their behind, he allows the duo tandem to go all out in the second half. This first half or maybe whole season will be nothing but learning a new way of basketball. And you'll have to get used to it.
It almost sounds like you guys miss the street ball of McClain? Allow Brandon and Brad to do their thing, and the rest of the team pick up the trash.
Shroyer is trying to get a team concept into the air. A lot like Larry Shyatt did his one and only year at Wyoming.
Give it time. Pokes are 2-1 Go Pokes!

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