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Basketball Scholarship $$$$ - USA Today Article

Interesting article. These arguments that come up every year about paying college athletes is ridiculous. 90% of college athletes will not play professional sports for a living. Those that are good enough will eventually be paid large sums for their talents, but for the rest the chance to get a college education for free is absolutely a God send.

How many of the kids on our football and basketball teams in Laramie are from families that would not have been able to afford to send their son or daughter to college for 4-5 years? Every one of them that earns their degree will be 10 times better off in life than their friends and neighbors that never got the chance.

The fact in all of this is that nearly all of the players that have athletic scholarships are extremely grateful to the schools they attend for giving them the opportunity to advance in life. The small minority of players (i.e. Cam Newton) that are extremely gifted and feel that they should be compensated immediately are idiots that don't know how well they have it. Ralph Nader is trying to abolish athletic scholarships because of all the crying that goes on about the need to pay college athletes. I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell of that happening, but it should open the eyes of the current and prospective student athletes that are or will be reaping the benefits.
There's no reason that student-athletes on scholarship shouldn't get the same opportunity as students who aren't to get jobs, etc. That's the real quibble with the way the system works right now. I'm not talking about bball and fball, but olympic sports.

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