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Back from Albucracky...smile hasn't left my face yet


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I know a lot has been mentioned already, so I won't belabor the discussion - but all I can say is, the FUTURE LOOKS VERY BRIGHT! Driving back from Denver, I kept playing back the fumble, the goal line stand, the TD in OT, the first TD run...all I can say is WOW!

To think that this staff will get some good recruits and keep buildling this thing. New luxury boxes for revenue, national exposure, a good schedule next year - things seem to be looking up!
Agreed! It was a total blast! Wouldn't have missed being there for anything.

On a side note I do have to give Mathews some props for being a solid back, going into the game I firmly believed that he was an average back that just ran in the WAC who plays no defense. But there were certainly times that he made our D look foolish.

In the end we made the big plays when we had to! Looking for more good things to come in the near future!

Go Pokes!
I agree. Mathews was superb. The Pokes have played against the best this season and I'd have to say Mathews was above any of them. Fresno's line openned a few holes but I'd say at least half his yards were bouncing out after most backs would have been tackled.
I posted earlier that Mathews is one of the best I've seen. However, it was very classless to spurn the media after the game. We know you just lost a heartbreaker, but nut up and take your lumps.

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