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Attendance Guesses...


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I stated last week, if we lose to NM in poor fashion, our attendance would fluctuate about 4,000...from 21,000 (where it should be, although that is damn pathetic) to about 17,000.

I am still thinking 17,000 is right on the money...but I wouldn't be surprised if less than that show up, just because of the weather. Thoughts WyoNation?
While I do think that there will be some people in town since its homecoming, I think 17K is a fantasy now. The earl weather forecast is for cool weather, with slight chance of showers. The fact that we can't do shit on offense, haven't really tried to fix the problems, and have been getting our asses handed to us over and over again, makes me doubt that we get much over 15K. In all honesty those of us that are going have to be 1 of 3 things, gluttens for punishment, completely insane, or both.
I bet there will be a lot of people in town, but most of them will probably be doing something other then watching the Cowboys get beat into submission.

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