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Are you watching MLB, NBA or NFL?

It's why the rating for NBA have been in the crapper. But knowing the NBA, they won't care cos they're butt-kissing China.
I am NOT watching any sports except Golf, i don't want to give ESPN my ratings of any type. I don't even watch SportsCenter anymore. I follow my teams by facebook posts, and it pains me cuz my Avalanche and Nuggets are in playoff mode(so to speak) and i only follow by 92.5 Altitude Radio Network in Denver. Radio is clearly the best and only way to follow my teams anymore..And don't EVEN get me started on the PATHETIC Rockies. Hope my Arizona Cardinals will be better. And losing my Dave Walsh with Cowboy Basketball kinda bummed me out today too. Nutshell, I've reluctantly learned to live w/o sports and it's really ok!!
The chickens are coming home to roost

I watch some MLB. Haven't watched any NFL games this year. Honestly I'm looking forward to hockey, that is my favorite.
Crosby and Malkin are both still out. Be good to see youngins play.

Pens had a line for a bit with 3 dudes all over 6’3”. I think it was Angello, Jankowski and Zahorna. I liked what they brought to the game.
None of the above. A little college football. It's hard to root for a pro team (even in the place where you live) as it is all "business", no "team" anymore (i will admit to following Josh and the Bills a little bit). Players come and go so quickly, you can't even get comfortable before they're off to some new market for bigger bucks, or victims of salary caps or whatever. No loyalty to players or fans. All business (but at least they've built some parity into the system). Hey, that seems to be what's happening to college sports, too (except for the parity, of course).
Watchin the NFL moreso this year cuz my Arizona Cardinals are playing well, but being a Cards fan not counting my chickens until.....and wstching more Nuggets games cuz I love the Joker!