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Are the Cowgirls ruining their legacy?


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Can one buzzer beater 3 point loss destroy a great team? The Wyoming Cowgirls have answered a resounding, absolutely. The day was January 30, 2008. This was the day the Cowgirls went from contender to pretender. Positive to negative. Winner to Loser. The Cowgirls are coming off the greatest year in school history after winning the NIT Championship in 07. And everyone is back! Cowgirls play awesome just like anticipated. 18-1, 12 in a row, ranked #15 in the nation. Then comes the biggest reg. season home game in the history of Cowgirl basketball. Wyoming vs. Utah. Wyoming is up 2 with 3 seconds to go when Morgan Warburton made a game winning 3 pointer that SHOCKED the Cowgirls. The Cowgirls are still shocked and have never recovered. The doubts start creeping in and haven't left. Our greatest team in school history and we still can't beat the ladies from utah. The losses come; a couple days later we lose badly to a poor BYU team. We lose 5 out of the final 11 including rd 1 of the MWC tourney. But on the same day the Cowgirls lost to Utah at home, The Cowboys played the Utah men and won. Thats right, One of the Cowboys worst teams in decades beat one of Utah's worst team in decades. Big deal right? I'd rather have had our women win? right? Not so fast!! A poll was taken from a number of Wyoming Fans: The shocking results?? 50% of Wyoming fans were happy that the Cowboys won instead of the girls. In fact, they preferred it that way!! 1/2 of the Wyoming fans surveyed preferred that GIVEN THE CHOICE that only the Cowgirls or Cowboys could have won that day, they are glad it was the Cowboys! So, the biggest reg. season game in Cowgirl History means less than a meaningless men's game. Apparently the Cowgirls got a hold of these poll results and felt betrayed. Their play has shown it. They have blown the chance of a lifetime. Winning the MWC tourney and getting an excellent 4-5 seed in the NCAA tourney. Now they'll be around a 9-11 seed and no one expectS them to win a game. One simple shot, the legacy of a programs greatest team ever, ruined.
Wecome to sports.

Utah made a great play on a day the cowgirls played well enough to win minus the possibility of another girl making a spectacular individual play. You give the Cowgirls the choice of being up by 2 with 3 secs to go, or being the team taking the shot, and 9 times out of 10 they'll take the lead, and win. Utah made the play. Did that have a negative effect on the team? Yes. Is it the sole reason the Cowgirls are where they are now? NO.

For starters, Utah is head and shoulders a better team then Wyoming. It is very unfortunate that the year the Cowgirls field their best team ever, Utah fields a better one. It seemed like destiny Wyoming would win the MWC this year after last season, but Utah had the stronger squad, and the conference as a whole was stronger this year.

Second, the Wyoming Cowgirls have some weaknesses which were masked and compensated for during last year's campaign, and the 18-1 start. Much like their male counterparts, the Cowgirls lack any low post threat from a non wing or guard player. And to an even larger degree than the Cowboys, they lack low post defense. This also translates to a rebounding problem. Podziemska is a very physical and strong player, but is not natural on the post. We also lack speed and quickness, but I dont see this as a weakness unless pitted against an incrediblely quick team like SDSU, because we are so good at dictating the pace of the game and avoiding turnovers.

We run a very effective offensive scheme, and catch and shoot very well, but possibly our most unfortunate weakness, and the one which will cost us in the tournament, is the inability to create our own shots. Hanna Zavecz is that kind of player, and when/if she ever comes into her own again, we could again become the special team we were previously.

Do not let January 30th fool you too much.
I agree with the last post. I think quickness (or lack of) is what hurts the Cowgirls the most. So many times they seem flatfooted - just a half step behind in reacting to the ball. Like they are playing off their heels instead of their toes. That cost them the last shot in their first loss to Utah.

Secondly, they won't mix it up in the low post (except for Vandiver and possibly Megan) - like they are afraid of getting a bruise. That and the flattfootedness accounts for the rebound deficit.

Saturday's game will be interesting to watch, but unless Pitt can't hit crap, their muscle will rule the day.

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