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Anyone hear how long Givens is out?


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I know he has a sprained ankle...just don't know the seriousness of it. If it is a stage 2...will be out for at least 2 weeks, stage 3...maybe 4.

The sprained ankle is often classified as to how severe it is:

First degree ankle sprain:

* Some stretching or mild tearing of the ligament.
* Little or no functional loss - the joint can still function and bear some weight (...but hurts!!!).
* Mild pain
* Some swelling
* Some joint stiffness.

Second degree ankle sprain:

* Some more severe tearing of the ligaments
* Moderate instability of the joint
* Moderate to severe pain - weightbearing is very painful
* Swelling and stiffness

Third degree ankle sprain:

* Total rupture of a ligament - there is a loss of motion
* Gross instability of the joint - joint function is lost
* Severe pain initially followed by no pain
* Severe swelling

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