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Another ACS Topic...


Let's just say, he would fit better (as an individual) in Boulder or Cal-Berkley!


Honestly...does it matter? Like another poster said, if UW wins 8 games next year, will any of us give a shit about what happened 1/10/11? Nope!

I don't think this question needs to be asked at all. The football program is trying to rebuild.

1. ACS had become a rock star his first year, player of the year, etc.
2. Team captain the second year.
3. High/unrealistic expectations placed upon him by the media and the fans.
4. Coaching staff realizes the intense pressure, shuts down practices to the fans and media, and take the brunt of it themselves.
5. 3 win season.

The guy probably wanted to play some football, get an education, and have some fun along the way. Instead, the media was always beating up on him, the fan's don't seem to have much confidence in a second year coach, and he probably walked away feeling like he had sunk the program. The media certainly doesn't help - they'll do anything to publish a little drama.

I'd say the media, the internet, and the 24 hour news always trying to get a story are probably some of the biggest challenges the football team has to face these days. This stuff was nearly non-existant at Wyoming prior to the turn of the millennium.

It really would be alot of pressure for an 18-23 year old.
is the JuCo thing just so he can take classes while he looks for a 1AA program? What would Juco do for him with 2 years remaining?
he is not going to play for a juco he will play 1AA NAIA or D2 what would JuCo do for him? he cant even get a 4 year degree
Just so everyone is on the same page...ACS can not play at a JUCO, because he has already actively played 2 years...he is going to a JUCO to stay eligible and weigh his options.

My guess is that he will be at a JUCO for the spring semester only, after signing day he will have a better idea what his options are and will probably enroll in his new school in the fall. He can't play at an FBS school until the 2012 season. Since he has his RS available, I think he will go FBS, probably San Jose State.
Poke Around said:
He has told classmates he plans to play at Oregon.

He would not get any playing time at Oregon, he did not do enough at UW to go play at a national powerhouse, he would at best be the back-up. Don't get me wrong he can play but there are many QB's out there that are a whole lot better and Oregon is a good enough program to recruit them too.
Makes sense. He'll be away from UW when some other D-1 program announces him as part of their recruiting class this spring. He'll have to sit out 2011 but he has a redshirt year so he'll still have eligibility for 2012 and 2013. Will be interesting to see where goes.
It will be interesting to see what happens, but I hope any of our 4 or 5 freshmen qbs make me ask "acs who?" at the end of the next couple years. If we win it will be easy to wish him luck, but if we struggle it will be hard not to bash him as a quitter.

What stinks is trying to explain to my 8 yr old son why his favorite player is no longer on the team. Oh well, I think Josh Biezuns was he favorite defensive player, at least he's coming back.......knock on wood :eek:

Incoming players would be smart to get #5, they would have a ton of jerseys in the stands! Or do you think we will all go "Cleveland" and burn them? ha, acs...the decision, "I've decided to take my talents to North East California Coastal Community College"

sorry, I'm a little punchy.
Heh, I predict San Jose St and then we end up playing them in a bowl game. Of course, we win big and sack him 10 times.

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