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ACS, the play clock and other ramblings


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I hope in his review of the film from the AFA game that ACS sees how completely WIDE FREEGIN' OPEN the middle of the field was all game long. Bolger. Leonard. Holy crap. I know he has been running for his life over the past several weeks, but he has to set his feet and step into the throw over the middle. That was a money play last year and it is still open this year.

Regarding the play clock, the refs missed a huge delay penalty inside the 10 on 3rd down that would have potentially flipped the field for AFA and the option. The extra 5 yards might not have meant anything, but they might have, especially given the inept kicking team for AFA. I certainly can understand when the clock is barely expired as the ball is snapped, but this was an extra 3-4 seconds. The refs blew it.

In terms of other ramblings, I saw some good things, but I am also scared for the next, oh say, 5 weeks. We could very easily be 1-8, especially with how San Diego State is playing. Toledo is good, but beatable. I will say that AFA is a little bit of a skewed outcome in terms of showing whether we are back or not. First, we always play AFA tough. Second, they didn't throw a lot and allowed us to pack the box to stop them - if it is up to our front seven to stop the run and we actually have to honestly honor the pass, we could be back in the soup again. Finally, CSU still sucks and BYU...you are getting what you worthless, holier than thou pieces of crap deserve. I hope you don't win another game. I don't know what that has to do with my train of thought with the AFA game, but I stand by my comments.

Oh, and Gary Crowton is still one of the worst coaches in the country. He has mega talent at LSU and they SQUEAK by an undermanned West Virginia team at home. His schemes are horrific. Proof that BYU is the ultimate boil on the butt of all humanity, even the redneck wierdos of LSU.
I remember exactly what happened when ACS passed over the middle.
First time - interception in the end zone.
Second time, our most reliable wide receiver catches the ball, and then fumbles it to end the game.

I think the more I step away from it, the more I realize that we as fans really don't have much of a clue. Yeah, there are a few people here you can tell have some coaching experience and realize the limitations of the kids in our system, and others may even have played at college level and understand how freaking fast things happen compared to in High School. But most people go on about how the coaches should be fired for not beating incredibly good and established teams, and for our players not always finding the one big play.
Watching yesterday's NFL games, I saw both Brees and Peyton miss out on wide open receivers down the sidelines. I saw Rivers throw into triple coverage in the end zone and get intercepted ( :tickedoff: ). Furthermore, I also saw Tolbert, Sproles, and Naanee fumble and lose the ball :tickedoff: :tickedoff: :tickedoff: :tickedoff: .

It's hard to know where to set the expectations for Wyoming at this point. I think overall I was happy with the improvements vs Air Force. I don't think anybody out there really even gave us a chance after having seen what Air Force had done as of late, but we managed to score on them, and I think we completely took them by surprise by running on them.

I saw many improvements overall. Tackling was much better overall. The offensive line actually helped create holes to run through. Alexander hit those holes well. McCoy is a freaking baller and will make an NFL team - IF Huff had only made the play those two times, Air Force would've had to start inside their 1 yard line. Also, regardless of what people say of ACS, I think he did pretty well overall. He found space to run, and apart from the interception and a couple of high throws, he didn't make many bad mistakes.

The real question is: How much better is Air Force than Toledo? Can we hang with the type of team that Toledo is?
Tackling was much better as was blocking, and it was an enjoyable game to watch, ecxept for seeing probably our most sure handed reciever get popped hard enough to fumble it. We actually had a running game with AA getting over 100 yds and ACS getting some good yardage as well. I can also understand why we didn't pass very much against Air Force, if the fumble and interception didn't spell that out well enough. Plus, I think we took Air Force by surprise with a variation of the triple option (despite articles in the paper, I know what I saw).

Also, there is actual improvement for the offense (jury is still out on D as Air Force is a run team almost through and through, so not to hard to figure that they will run the ball 90% of the time), as our offense has actually scored points against some top defenses in the country, while last year, it was the defense.

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