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A little confused about all the negativity with the NM bowl?


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On the other board, there seem to be many who would like to see this bowl die off.

I went last year and had a blast. Better than many of the other bowls I have been too. Atmosphere was great, excellent hospitality, cute girls, great food...what the heck is the problem?

I would hate to see this bowl go away, as I think UNM does a great job of supporting it. Seems like the Ram Fans (and others) weren't too high on it.

Am I crazy or, was I just so drunk I missed the low points? Did anyone else go?
Not so much the bowl itself (curse of the NM Bowl aside, anyways), but the fact that there are so many. 35 I think was the last count.
Boils down to this folks,

1) Watch idol, dance something, or some other putrid chit with the sack of guts, or

2) Watch a potentially boring tilt between two incompetents that might in fact, turn out to be entertaining, or

3) Go have a picnic in the snow with the sack of guts.

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