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A-11 Offense Banned


Staff member
The A11 offense, the crazy offense that was the new "thing" for high schools to run, especially in California where it was created, has been banned by the hierarchy that rules high school football. Kind of a bummer, really cool offense with great potential.. revolutionary like the Flexbone or Wishbone.

This is total BS that it was banned. It was a "legal" offense. Just imagine if they had banned the Flexbone, West Coast, Run-n-shoot offenses back in the day. Most of the high school teams that ran this offense weren't dominating either! It was an offense for a school who didn't have huge guys to play for them. Honestly it wouldn't be my first choice of offense anyway. I like to control the game a little more than this offense provides.

All levels of football are really getting picky about the rules and stifling creativity in the game. I've got some hellacious fake field goals and fake punts in my playbook :)

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