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7220 Report: Best Case, Worst Case and Probable Case

Good write up. I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell of us losing the Border War at home this year, though.
Another nice article at 7220 Report. Remember, a 6-6 record doesn't secure a bowl appearance it only makes us bowl eligible. We still have to finish high in the conference and hope TCU goes to a BCS game. I assume that TCU, BYU, Utah and Air Force will all finish with at least 6 wins. How many bowl games does the Mountain West have? Is it five?
Vegas Bowl, Poinsettia Bowl, Independence Bowl, Armed Force Bowl, and NM Bowl. Though, chances are that TCU will go to a BCS Bowl, so there is room for 6 bowl teams.
Don't forget, occasionally there is a BCS conference that doesn't have enough teams meet the six win mark to get bowl eligible to meet the conferences bowl obligations and can open up an at-large birth as well. Not likely but it has happened a few times. The Pokes just need to get bowl eligible and let everything else will take care of itself.

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