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2010 Replacements


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Now that the 2009 season is over, who do we anticipate filling in for the departing seniors? Here is the list of seniors that contributed this year:

C - Russ Arnold
T - Ryan Otterson
TE - Jesson Salyards (minor contributer)
TE - Orlando Arnold (minor contributer)
WR - Greg Bolling
DT - Mike Neuhaus (minor contributer)
NG - Fred Givens
DT - John Fletcher
DE - Mitch Unrein
LB - Weston Johnson
K - Jake Scott

Obviously, the losses along the D-line are the biggest. Who fills in for them, and are we going back to a 4-3? Stover got quite a bit of experience filling in for Givens, and Purcell got some playing time. Looks like it will be Willis, Purcell, and Stover along the D-line with someone else filling in at DE. We also have Bruce, Max Gustafson, Patrick Mertens, and Nick Owen in likely backup roles - 2 walk-ons and 2 scholarship Frosh that we haven't heard much about. Riley Lange, Sonny Puletasi, and Tyler Strong are committs, but are undersized and likely will be redshirted. This is the biggest area of concern next year.

We should have several capable receivers and TE's to fill in for the guys leaving.

Jack Tennant will take over for Arnold? Josh Leonard for Otterson? Hopefully we have some guys step up on the O-line as it was a huge dissapointment in '09.

Ghaali Muhammad is listed behind Johnson on the depth chart. Where does Todd Knight fit in next year?

Thank goodness Scott is gone.
If we go to a 4-3, I think at least one of Riley Lange, Sonny Puletasi, and Tyler Strong will get the chance as a speed rusher.
Such a crapshoot...but fun to speculate.

Here is my dime:

C - Russ Arnold Jack Tennant (Sr.)
T - Ryan Otterson Clayton Kirven (Jr.)
TE - Jesson Salyards David Tooley (So.)
TE - Orlando Arnold David Leonard (Sr.) - Yep I think he moves to TE
WR - Greg Bolling One of the JC guys +1, Rodney Jaynes
DT - Mike Neuhaus Mike Purcell (Moves from NG, IMO)
NG - Fred Givens Alex Stover
DT - John Fletcher Marcus Felker
DE - Mitch Unrein Josh Biezuns
LB - Weston Johnson Ghaali Muhammad
K - Jake Scott Ian Watts

Oh, and Nick Carlson will replace Zack Kennedy at RG

I expect big things from these players that were not heard from much in 2009:
Bryson Studnicka, LB (in 2008 he was the scout team POW almost every week)
Matt Birkeness, DE (I think he will move from LB to DE)
Rodney Jaynes, WR
Jamichael Hall, DB (Injured in 2009 mid way through)

I expect an impact to be made from these players in 2010:
Devyn Harris, LB
Spencer Bruce, DE (Gillette kid, hurt in 2009)
TJ Smith, TE

Looking at things...we could be in very good shape in 2010!
i agree w the last post everything looks promising leonard wont move but we have tooley and smith and muhammad is a stud he can play LB or DB also i think james will be good also when does alo moli get back from his mission

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