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1WYO Launches its 307 Campaign

1WYO Launches its "307 Campaign" Fundraising Drive

The "307 Campaign" seeks to unite the University of Wyoming community, alumni, fans and supporters

LARAMIE, Wyo. (July 9, 2024) – 1WYO, the official NIL Collective of Wyoming Athletics, is proud to announce the launch of its "307 Campaign" fundraising drive. The campaign’s launch coincides with 1WYO’s first anniversary and the release of 2024 UW Football single game ticket sales, symbolizing 1WYO’s and Wyoming Athletics’ commitment to its student-athletes' success both on and off the field.

1WYO is dedicated to empowering student-athletes to leverage their name, image, and likeness for the betterment of Wyoming’s local communities. The NIL Collective serves to strengthen, promote, and otherwise support its charitable partners through engaging community-minded Wyoming student athletes to use their NIL to make Wyoming better.

1WYO’s "307 Campaign" aims for at least 1,000 contributions of $307 to help fund NIL engagements of student-athletes to work with 1WYO's charitable partners throughout the state. By supporting this campaign, supporters help Wyoming Athletics remain competitive in the rapidly evolving NIL landscape and, at the same time, help strengthen Wyoming charities.

The "307 Campaign" seeks to unite the University of Wyoming community, alumni, fans and supporters in achieving its fundraising goal. Together we can accomplish much. "We are excited for the success of 1WYO’s '307 Campaign'," said University of Wyoming Athletic Director, Tom Burman. "1WYO’s initiative reflects its commitment to Wyoming student-athletes' success and its dedication to making a positive impact in Wyoming.”

To learn more about the "307 Campaign" and how to support Wyoming student-athletes’ NIL engagements, visit “1WYO”.

Information on 1WYO and how you can support our mission can be found at 1WYO, or by contacting us at [email protected] or by mail to P.O. Box 307, Laramie, WY 82073. To stay up to date on the latest news and announcements, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and X-- @1WYOInc.
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