Last night on national television the Wyoming Cowboys were soundly beaten by the Boise State Broncos 48-7. If you were surprised by this result you haven’t been paying attention the past 13 years. Last night’s loss sees the Cowboys record against Boise State fall to 0-8 in a series that first started in 2002 and the numbers only get uglier from there. The Pokes have been out-scored 289 to 95 in those games for an average score of Boise St 36 and Wyoming 11. The Broncos over this time have been the premier non-BCS program in the country and Wyoming did play them fairly close in 2006 and 2007 but the Broncos are light years ahead of Wyoming in terms of football program prowess. If Wyoming is to be contender in the Mountain West they are going to have to raise the bar and be more competitive against the most consistent team in the conference. The question is who is the man (or men) to do just that? More on that on the blog this week, what are your thoughts on last night’s game?