Wyoming football coach Dave Christensen is shown here after his post-game tirade against Air Force football coach Troy Calhoun.
-Image courtesy of Austin Ontiveroz, special to The Denver Post

In an announcement from Tom Burman and the UW athletic department this afternoon they have chosen to suspend head football coach Dave Christensen for his post-game tirade against Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun. The incident began at the end of the Wyoming/Air Force game when Christensen and Calhoun met for the post-game handshake. Christensen felt that Air Force quarterback Conner Dietz faked an injury to give backup quarterback Kale Pierson time to warm up, and on the following play, score the game winning touchdown. Christensen felt the play was dirty and started into a profanity laced tirade against Calhoun.

Today UW athletic director Tom Burman announced that Christensen would be suspended for one week, starting today, and would be fined $50,000. Christensen is not allowed to participate in football related activities until next Sunday when he is reinstate by the athletic department. Burman reiterated that Christensen’s job is not in danger right now and he is only serving a one game suspension. The Cowboys will face Boise State this weekend in Laramie.

The situation with Christensen appeared to be over after the tirade was caught on the Root Sports cameras, the following day Christensen was reprimanded by the Mountain West and Christensen issued an apology for the incident. The keyword is appeared as last Thursday a YouTube video showed up showing the entire incident, start to finish, and showed Christensen in all of his 15 f-bomb glory. Burman said he didn’t want to make any hasty decisions when it came to suspending Christensen, but he said after hearing from a number of fans and boosters he felt he had to do something. The timing is strange as he waited 9 days to level any kind of punishment, but now the decision has been made. Assistant coach Pete Kaligis will coach this team this weekend vs Boise State.